The Upcoming Modern Warfare Battle Royale Game Mode [Full Details]

    Here’s what we know about the new Modern Warfare battle royale, Warzone. Unless you’ve been hiding from Coronavirus under a rock, you’ve probably seen COD Warzone.

    If you haven’t heard yet, many people believe that Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be releasing a free-to-play battle royale game mode. 

    There has been a lot of speculation over the release date of the COD battle royale and many of those dates have come and gone.

    So if this is true, we will all be playing the new battle royale mode from Modern Warfare very soon.

    Modern Warfare Battle Royale Release Date

    Update: The release date for the upcoming COD Modern Warfare battle royale game mode will be March 10th, 2020 – according to Okami.

    Okami also goes on to say that Warzone will be free to play, squads only and have its own game client.

    Update Two: DrDisrespect may have just confirmed Okami’s prediction in the clip below where he can be caught saying to Krafty that he will be busting out his wingsuit again next week and to not forget this conversation. 

    So based on information around the internet and the Doc’s comments we may be able to play Warzone as soon as Tuesday, March 10th.

    Side Note: Another possible leak from Okami mentions Modern Warfare Remasted launching this year with multiplayer support as well.

    Warzone Map

    A Youtuber that goes by TheXClusiveAce posted a video that is believed to be the new COD battle royale map. Reddit also confirmed these locations and points of interest, which means this could be the actual map.

    Supply Station Equipment

    TheGamingRevolution has now been suspended on Twitter, but not before we had a look at the possible equipment from supply stations.

    Possible Equipment and Killstreaks: Armor Plate Bundle, Gas Mask (to reduce circle damage), Precision Airstrike, Sheild Turret, Cluster Strike, UAV, Munitions Box, and a Drop Kit Marker.

    Also, we noticed an option (Squad Buyback) to potentially revive a downed ally for $4500 in-game currency or “Plunder”.

    Players Per Match

    Based on what we’ve heard there will be 200 players per match. This is a tall order and I think we will all be excited if this is true.

    A german twitter user allegedly gained access to the menu screen which translated to “Plunge into a unique battle with up to 200 other players to leave the battle as the last survivor.”

    Jump Master + Loadout Bags

    Apparently, right before you join a match you can choose what gear you’d like to see and if you drop near the “Jump Master” you’ll have a higher likelihood of this loot spawning.

    So I assume this system will work like the Apex Legends team lead who decides where you drop but you can always split off from the Jump Master, although you may lose out on your desired loot.

    It sounds like Infinity Ward is trying to prevent lone wolves from leaving their teammates on their own and making the game unenjoyable.

    1v1 Respawn Mini-Game

    Ok, so this seems a little far fetched but it could make for a good time. A Redditor mentioned that you’ll be able to get respawn tokens and take teammates’ bodies to an ambulance to revive them. If the player who died wins a 1v1 they will respawn right back into the match.

    Tiers of Armor

    Redditors online believe there will be three tiers of armor like we’ve seen in the past. It looks like there will be up to three levels of Ballistic Vests and level 3 will absorb 150 damage and increase healing items usage by 25.

    Item Rarities

    Similar to the COD Blackout BR there will be colored rareties:

    1. White (Common Weapons)
    2. Green (Uncommon Weapons)
    3. Blue (Rare Weapons)
    4. Purple (Epic Weapons)
    5. Gold (Legendary)

    Some individuals say there will be a red and orange tier as well, but not much evidence that this will be true.

    Loot Crates

    Just like we have in the current version of COD Modern Warfare, people believe there will be a similar loot crate system. 

    The real question is will be able to use our current loot in the BR mode or if it will be exclusive?

    Training Session

    Dean Carter (@CaptionBadfoot) posted his view of the upcoming lobby and that he was able to fill or not fill squad and join a training session. Others have mentioned a tutorial at the gun range as well, who knows what’s actually true.

    List of Perks and Scorestreaks

    Dataminers have said that they believe the following perks and scorestreaks will be in the upcoming COD BR:

    • High Alert: This will grant vision to you when an enemy looks at you from outside of your field of vision.
    • Spotter: When an enemy’s equipment is within a small radius it will be visible and highlighted for you (even through walls).
    • Tracker: All of your enemies will leave footprints as they move and you will have increased movement speed while crouched.
    • Stalker: You will have faster movement while aiming down sight on your weapons.
    • Marksman: This allows you to see enemies from a further distance by displaying names at a greater distance away.
    • Sleight of Hand: You can reload weapons 50% faster than normal.
    • Armorer: You can use armor plates 20% faster and armor plates will have 10% more armor.
    • Artisan Tastes: When you pick up a weapon you will have a chance to automatically upgrade.
    • Deep Pockets: Equipment that you pick up will have an extra use.
    • Grenadier: Throwable equipment can be picked up for extra use.
    • Healer: Medical items will heal for an additional 25% of their value for over the next 20 seconds.
    • Thief: Harvestesting will generate 20% more plunder (in-game currency).
    • Ammo Scavenger: Enemies will drop ammunition when you kill them.
    • Armor Scavenger: Enemies will drop armor plates when you kill them.
    • Medic Scavenger: Enemies will drop medical items when you kill them.
    • Plunder Scavenger: Enemies will drop Plunder when you kill them.
    • Bounty Hunter: Killing players with more Perks will give you enough points to match them and allow you can replace this perk.
    • Ghost: Become invisible to drones and sensors.
    • Sneaky: Your footsteps will become invisible and an enemy will not have the opportunity to be warned when you track them.
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Resistance to explosives and you can take enemy claymores and mines.

    So all of this being considered we can’t say for sure whether or not any of this information is real but many signs point to Warzone being a reality soon. Activision and Infinity Ward have not confirmed anything around the highly anticipated Modern Warfare battle royale.

    Let me know if I missed anything substantial and if you have any tips for us. We will do our best to keep this post updated with all the COD BR news.

    Disclaimer: This post is transformative journalism in nature and purely speculation based on what others have posted online. All of the above information has not been confirmed or denied at the time of writing this article.

    Hey there, my name is Drecks. I play FPS games online and I'm a big-time fan of Call of Duty and even more so in battle royale games. So stick around I'll keep you updated when it comes to the new Modern Warfare battle royale game mode.

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